Cobb v. Estate of Charlotte Burke


Kentucky, Owen Circuit Court, Civ  09-CI-00061

Mr. R. Kenyon Meyer of Dinsmore & Shohl, Louisville, KY, approached me about this case.  Cobb was suing the Estate of his ex-wife, Charlotte Burke; seeking the entire estate, approximately 1.3 million, alleging damages from his being the victim of an attempted murder.   After a series of set-backs for the estate, they approached D&S for an appeal.  Mr. Meyer intuitively knew something was wrong because the DA; who signed off, on both  the Coroner’s Report and the Death Certificate, as attempted murder of Cobb and suicide by Burke; was one and the same person as the attorney for Plaintiff Cobb in civil court.

My examination of the evidence was conclusive that Burke was the murder victim and that, in all likelihood, Cobb was the murderer, and had inflicted his wound upon himself.  I wrote a definitive report for Mr. Meyer.

After much legal wrangling, the Estate of Ms. Burke was preserved and her death certificate was changed.  It is, unfortunately, doubtful that her soul will ever see criminal justice served upon Cobb.


A copy of my report is available (++)