The Warrior Heritage

A treatise on the weapons and tactical doctrine used in tribal warfare and colonial warfare, from 1890 to 1980, in then Rhodesia.  This covered all aspects of the clash of cultures and examined the reasons for both success and failure.

A Bigger Hammer

A treatise on Tank-Infantry Tactics and Technology.  The historical portion was based on the after action reports of hundreds of US Army and Marine Corps units in the European and Pacific Theaters of World War II (and are in the National Archives).  The treatise continues with technical imperatives, leading to operational theory for the modern use of tanks and infantry together.  Without going into classified areas, if you wonder how US foot mobile infantry overran Iraqi tank and armored infantry divisions in the First Gulf War of 1991, the answer started in this book

Any Shot You Want

A book published in 1996.  This book was a treatise in two major sections.  The first section contains chapters on all manner of technical, design and safety issues related to modern small arms and ammunition.  This includes pessuredistance curves, terminal balistics, and all sorts of other key technical issues relating to firearms.

The second group of chapters covers 87 different cartridges, including the uses of each cartridge and the detailed performance of each cartridge; in terms of internal, external, and terminal ballistics.

This book is regarded as the foundational standard by which all other similar books are rated.