Metallurgy of Ammunition

Metallurgy of Ammunition encompasses the exact alloys of brass, lead, and other materials which are used in ammunition and how each one is selected to give the correct properties necessary for a round of ammunition.  This includes gradient of anneal and other issues which lead to a final end-use item that functions correctly.

LTC Alphin’s skill as a Metallurgy of Ammunition Expert led to successful outcomes in many civil cases.  For example, there was one case in California (1) where in the shooter lost his eye and sued.  The Plaintiff “expert” had a fantastical computer “simulation” which theorized a case rupture, which allowed a cartridge case fragment to exit the weapon and strike the shooter’s eye.  LTC Alphin’s deposition destroyed this contention and the Plaintiff settled for some medical insurance deductibles.

(1) San Diego Shooter v. Everybody