The expert must have the photographic skills to visually capture, and show to the jury, any item he needs to explain.  LTC Alphin has the skills and equipment to accomplish this.

Alphin was admitted as a member in the British Royal Photographic Society and is a past member of the British Institute of Professional Photographers (due to being the sole caregiver for his beloved spouse after a stroke, Alphin could not keep up with the “publish or perish” requirements and relinquished his membership).  Further, Alphin has sold one time rights to hundreds of images used in many dozens of periodicals and books.  This includes the cover art/image for Tournament of Time (Bluegrass Books, 1994), Any shot You Want (On Target Press, 1996) and Ghost Cadet (Henry Holt, 1991).

Alphin maintains and uses complete sets of equipment in digital (Nikon), 35mm (Nikon and Pentax) and 6×7 cm format (Pentax) including macro lenses, bellows, ring lights, microscope adapters, and so forth.  If an image is necessary, Alphin can capture it.