Kentucky v. Eugene Frank Tamme

This case involved the post-conviction death penalty appeal for a marijuana grower and distributor who was basically framed for the murder of two of his “mules”.

I will recover more of my files on this case but the case is remarkable for the level of abuse of the science and technology of firearms, done by the prosecution, in order to gain a conviction. (They did not have the evidence to charge Tamme with drug offenses, so they think that anything else is OK because he is a drug dealer and anything that gets a conviction is appropriate.) And the original defense attorney was a typical dunderhead who thought he knew something about firearms but, in fact, was totally incompetent to deal in that arena.

(Thanks to the efforts of R. Kenyon Meyer of Dinsmore & Shohl and myself; Tamme was given his new trial but the preparation and other legal wrangling took so much time that Tamme died from cancer before he could actually be re-tried.)